Measuring Access to Justice

Every person seeking justice deserves a chance to be heard. Extraordinary efforts by courts, legal aid services, legislators and activists make that possible. The Justice Index presents, for the first time, clear and detailed pictures of the scope of the work being done and where more is needed.



The Justice Index is based on a research strategy developed at the NCAJ, and refined via consultation with a number of national experts on access to justice. Data points and other means of evaluation have been weighted in proportion to their importance in ensuring access to justice.


How You Can Help the Index Grow

The Justice Index is intended to be part of a conversation and we welcome your feedback on the results of our research, our choice of criteria and the weights we applied to each answer. The findings in The Justice Index result from independent research conducted by our staff and volunteers, and also reflect our correspondence with officials and other contacts in many states. We encourage and welcome your comments, at, to help us make the next edition of The Justice Index a still more powerful tool.